My Story

Welcome! My name is Caitlin. This is my blog, No FOMO Food, where I share my favorite recipes. I’m thrilled that you’ve found my little piece of the internet.

About me:

I live in Tennessee and work in marketing! My hobbies include baking, cooking, grilling, creating and spinning. I spend most of my weekends having the best time in the kitchen, finding new ways to enjoy healthful foods.

My Health History

My passion for clean eating hasn’t always been the case. Just ask my dear friend, Hayley, who loves to recount a typical college morning when I charged her bed at 8am dying for a fast food breakfast! What I remember most about my eating habits in college included mac & cheese made fancy with turkey hot dogs cooked in the microwave. Throughout my collegiate years and into my early professional years my weight began slowing creeping up.

Luckily for me, Hayley introduced me to the Whole30. After learning about her weight loss in those thirty days while adhering to their elimination diet plan, I was in! How hard could it be? No grains, no dairy, no sugar, no beans, no wine…oh wait, this sounded troubling.

I finished the Whole30 and upon surveying my before and after photos, I was in utter disbelief at the transformation that had taken place. I had lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks and it easily showed on my small frame.  The Whole30 experience allowed me to discover a wide array of clean eating habits and I soon learned of an entire world of tasty recipes that excluded dairy, refined sugars and gluten. I found out through the elimination diet that these are the culprits that tend to disrupt my body the most.

I was born severely lactose intolerant but have not always scrutinized my dairy intake. I’ve visited more gastrointestinal doctors’ offices over the past 27 years than I can even remember.  My prior diagnoses include lactose tolerance, IBS and esophagitis. Until I started paying close attention to my diet, I would feel constantly bloated and my stomach would even frequently be painfully distended. My digestive system was highly irregular due to my complete disregard for what my body was trying to tell me. My self-esteem had plummeted and the confidence in my body had all but disappeared. Thankfully, I have since learned how to make better food choices that are not only delectable, but that also engender weight loss, improved digestive health, and a fitter physique.

What exactly is clean eating?

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a doctor, a nutritionist and I’m definitely not a scientist. I’m an avid lover of food and I’ve found a healthy lifestyle that works for me. The best way to describe my recipes are clean eating. A clean eating plan is tailored to your specific needs. It is an adaptable lifestyle in which each person finds what foods make them feel like their best selves and which foods make them feel slothful and awful. Clean eating means consuming fresh, whole, non-artificial foods instead of refined and processed foods. Clean eating and Paleo often intersect but clean eating tends to be less strict than Paleo.

Healthy & clean foods I love:

  • Meat, Chicken, Fish, Eggs
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Whole grains
  • Vegetables & Fruit
  • Healthy Fats

To me, clean eating is not so much a diet as it is a way of life. Eventually, you won’t have to put so much thought behind every meal as the clean choices become the natural habit.

No FOMO Food

It is a shame that some of the most savory, endorphin inducing, soul touching foods also happen to be the enemy of general health. No FOMO Food represents a journey that I am on to construct healthy meals that leave you completely absent of the wish to have eaten something in its stead. I realize that this is a lofty ambition and that I might not always be able to fully eliminate this desire but that doesn’t mean we should abandon the search for healthy alternatives. What it means is that we are afforded the opportunity to be culinary trailblazers who get to explore new food frontiers!

I hope that by sharing my clean eating experience, I can help you make easy changes that have a lasting and profound impact. I’ve never felt happier, more energized, confident and joyful in life and in large part, my clean eating lifestyle is to thank for that. I want you to feel this way too! I have the utmost hope that these recipes herein will leave you with no fear or sadness at having missed out on something better. No FOMO.

Caitlin Dunn